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Global automotive LED lighting was three major trands.

Global automotive LED lighting market will reach 70 dollor million in 2020.Compound annual growth rate of more than 18%.Manufacturer of lamps and lanterns is committed to producing hign-performance,reliable and affordable automotive LED lighting.

1、LED lighting technology innovation continues to develop

Suppliers are using semiconductor technology to develop LED of new generation to improve cost-effectiveness.

High-quantity car LED headlight can enhance the safety of the road to provide better visibility.In addition,LED light can reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions,and improve the car’s appearance.The lifespan of car led headlight more than 25 thousand hours.

Technological innovation aslo promote the development of LED light.The latter provides a new lighting design.Beside,LED light uniform lighting and not flash or produce shadows.It is suitable for use as lights,taillights and interior lighting.

2、Inner ring lighting become more and more popular

Inner ring lighting can be decorated in interior and add beauty to the car. The concept was introduced to high-end cars in 2007 and has expanded to low-end cars now.Car interior lighting mainly in the lamp,LED light beam spotlight and diffuse mirror-based.These lighting fixtures are installed in the console,door panels,dashboards and seats.More and more people customize the interior lighting system

3、The development of laser and organic LED lights

Laser and organic LED lights are among the most advanced technologies in the automotive lighting.Because of their high cost,generally only luxury cars will use.These technologies are still in development. With the introduction of low cost organic LED lamps and lasers, these technologies are expected to be used for all types of cars