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Why people like LED headlight

Nowadays,as the people have more and more damands on the performance of headlights.many of the original Many of the original configuration lights have been far from being able to meet people's needs.so,mang people will choose to modify car.In recent years,more and more people pay attention to modify the LED headlight with the modified LED headlight have been listed. The LED headlight as a green light source will also become the future development trend of car lights.

what is the LED car headlight?

LED car lights, refers to both inside and outside the light source using LED technology for external and internal lighting, adapted to automotive electronic lighting applications.

Why the LED headlights will be the future trend of car headlights?

1、Higher brightness, faster start-up

2、Longer life, energy saving and environmental protection

3、Anti-interference, small load,higher reliablity

4、small size,easy to intall

5、LED has intergral cooling system

6、led can easily reached more than 6000k of the pure white light,good balance fog.

How to install LED lights?

1、Remove the original car halogen lamp.

2、Intall the appropriate LED headlight and fixed

3、After fixation,wire clockwise to tighten continue to secure the lamp

4、The metal guide tropical maximize separated to ensure the cooling effect.There are wires and tidy drive.